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NEWLight Years: A Spiritual Memoir, by Barbara Du Bois

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Light Years is both spiritual memoir and teaching. In Barbara’s thirty years of journals and her present-day commentary on them, we observe an actual process of spiritual awakening, beautiful and raw. We hear Barbara speaking from deep within her personal experience and we hear her also as a teacher, engaging us in an intimate, provocative probing of consciousness, love, and being. A reader wrote to Barbara: “This is a guidebook for the path, coming to us from our own culture in our own time. I found it to hold the same potency as working directly with a spiritual teacher: my karmas began to quicken, old patterns dissolved, and my spiritual evolution organically came bare in step with yours. I felt the jewels of your realizations being planted in my mindstream.” This chronicle elucidates the spiritual path in both its personally unique and its universal aspects. In Barbara’s experience we see relative reality and absolute reality dancing together, and come to understand how this is also true for us: We already are what we aspire to become.

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NEWRadical Relationship

Set of 2 CDs ~ These teachings elucidate how our relationships arise both in karma and in spiritual aspiration and how to bring them fully onto the path. Part I, "I Don't Remember Who You Are But I Remember That I Love You," opens the radical possibility of relationships -- partners, family, co-workers -- as living offerings for the benefit of all. Part II, "The Six Paramitas in Relationship," specifically applies the Six Perfection practices to our relationship experiences. These teachings are radical because they go to the root, our motivation, and call us to see how we actually live it. (See also the CD course on The Six Paramitas.)

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